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The bigger picture of risk

01 November 2016

Understandably in the world of nuclear, risk management is focused on safety. Wider considerations of longer term strategic risks and short- to medium-term project risks can easily be neglected. A broader approach in which risk management is embedded across your organisation could be key to improving overall business performance, writes Val Jonas.

The Nordic experience in nuclear power

08 September 2016

Following the Paris climate conference at the end of last year, the energy sector is facing its biggest challenge ever. Countries around the world are searching for pathways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They are looking for the right balance to the trilemma of security of supply, sustainability and competitiveness. Nordic countries can offer some useful lessons, writes Lauri Virkkunen.

South Australia's green dream, or its nightmare?

26 July 2016

South Australia is being watched closely by both energy companies and renewable energy specialists worldwide as a test case for what happens when high levels of intermittent energy, such as wind and solar, are introduced into a system that is not fully covered by other sources of readily available (dispatchable) power, writes Ian Hore-Lacy.

Nuclear and the fight against climate change

03 October 2016

The rest of nature is at odds with humans, and it is losing. From an equilibrium population of ten million to a projected ten billion by the year 2100, nature just can't sustain this sudden escalation in population. We need to alter this trend, and that's where energy comes in, writes Dhruv Dharamshi.

Nuclear's response to 'future energy crisis'

03 August 2016

Imagining a future energy policy in the event of "blackouts that occurred across Europe in 2018", Jonathan Hart and Brett Longstaffe propose a pan-European nuclear fuel cycle that emerged "out of the necessity for secure, low carbon electricity supplies". In their Spark! Contest winning essay*, the two young engineers write that this new system "stood on three pillars" - a coordinated European strategy , technological developments and a new nuclear message.

Energy harmony on a major scale

12 July 2016

A diverse and balanced energy mix is best for people and the planet. Achieving this globally means nuclear energy should really expand more than most expect, but this requires a concerted effort by the entire nuclear community and its stakeholders to remove barriers to growth, writes Agneta Rising.